08 March, 2010

Why the Hell Am I Still Awake?

As I sit here typing this, I can't seem to comprehend how I'm awake or how I possibly made it through the day either. I know that as soon as my head hits the pillows, I will in fact be out cold for the next six or seven hours. But, the sleep deprivation I suffered today was so worth it!

I had been planning it for weeks now. I did all of my research and finally the day came. The day of the Academy Awards! I knew exactly what I was supposed to do. I was supposed to come home from class, have some dinner and pretty much go straight to bed...only to wake up at 3am to watch the Oscars live from the States. Once they had concluded I would go back to sleep until I needed to leave for class. 

But, as with all things you plan out, nothing ever goes as planned. I woke up Sunday morning super early so that  I could finish writing my paper for my Customs and Habits class (I now have to pick a topic to do a presentation on, good times), and then I went off to my first day of my new internship. (More on that later.) I then headed to class where I turned in my paper and then after class headed home.

When I arrived home I was greeted with quite a surprise, the cleaning lady. She was all over the place in our living room, so I quietly tip-toed up to my room to have a quick skype call with Geoff...that was until I was shooed out of my room by the cleaning lady so she could clean it. Anyway, in the meantime one of my Egyptian friends, Mahmoud, was having a dance performance and really wanted us to come. From what I had heard only a few planned on going, and so I went because a) I was interested and b)I know how it feels to have no one show up for a performance. 

Turns out that there was more than just me going. We weren't a large group, but it was decent in size. And I'm glad I decided to go. It was a really awesome show entitled "And It Isn't Even Tuesday". My only complaint was that the spoken parts were in Arabic and they spoke so fast I couldn't pick up on anything. But, I was able to figure out what was going on rather well by the body language between the characters. 

After the performances, we all went out to dinner and then had some tea. I left to come back home around 11:30pm and I managed to get to bed at 12:30am. I guess it was better than nothing. 

So, then my alarm went off at 3am and I was up and ready to watch the Oscars until 7am. This simply means that after they were over I only got another hour of sleep...thus not a lot of sleep...and today was a long day consisting of Colloquial Arabic, a meeting with the head of AMIDEAST director of study abroad affairs, then a tour of the Egyptian Museum and then IR class until 9pm. 

It was a super long day, but it was so worth it to get up and see the Oscars as they were being broadcast throughout the States. There were a lot of surprises with the winning movies, and I was excited to see a woman win for Best Director! It made me so happy!

Well, I want to elaborate on somethings in this post. But, I wait as I keep dosing off everytime I stop writing. So, that's all for now. Keep it real!

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