08 May, 2010

The Walls Are Closing In

Or so it feels that way. Even with my incredible sense of planning, I'm having some minor panic attacks as the end of the semester approaches. This weekend itself was a mixture of both good and bad. 

The good: Well, I was able to get a start on my 4800 word paper for Egyptology. I got approximately 1200 words down and the outline of it. The rest should hopefully come pretty easily. I also managed to finish my video for Arts and Hieroglyphs and do some research on the festivals of Ancient Egypt...which Will and I managed to screw up last week. Long story short, we ended up with one wrong festival each. Thus, more work for me this weekend. Also, almost done with the editing project I need to send to Nigel. 

The bad: Today was unproductive...at least the afternoon was. I did get to hang out with Moose, Max and Maria, so I guess that's a plus and I had high tea with my IR professor at his apartment, another plus. The downfall of all of this, however, was that my productivity plummeted and I haven't really gotten anything else done. And I need to keep going as my Egyptology paper is due on Wednesday and my IR paper is due May 17. But, after that...I'm free! Well, except for finals...but I'm not worried about them at the moment. 

Also, another thing worrying me is the fact that no one seems to want to give me grades. I've asked and I keep getting, "well, I'm still grading". I NEED TO KNOW HOW I'M DOING!!! It's driving me nuts. I know my grade for Hieroglyphs and Arabic (they aren't too bad B and A-, respectively). But, what about my others?? Huh? 

Ok, end of my short rant. I need to get back to working on things before I get really anxious again and start having a minor panic attack or something. More to come. Hopefully after I've relaxed a little bit. 

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