24 September, 2009

"Took a Midnight Train Going Anywhere!"

The week is finally over. I know it is only Thursday, but for us FAMU kids, there are no "real" classes on Fridays. We would normally have a culture and art excursion, but in fact that won't start until October 2...which means tomorrow is free! Then, Monday is a national holiday...once again meaning no class. If I've been doing my math correctly, that means we have a four day weekend.

And what better way to spend a four day weekend then by taking a 5:30am train to Budapest, Hungary! Yes, you read correctly. Budapest, Hungary. We'll be staying more on the Pest side of things rather than the Buda. (This is not a joke...I didn't know it but apparently there are two different sides of Budapest. Buda and Pest.) From what I've been told, there are spas, museums and more castles to see! It should be a lot of fun. All eight of us are going and we will be staying in a hostel. I was rather impressed that it isn't costing us a whole lot to go and stay for three nights. I promise I will post pictures as soon as I return.

I must say that I'm quite excited that the week is over. Class shopping was really hard and really tiring. I went to just about every elective offered to decide if I want to take that class. Some of them were really good, like Script Analysis, Acting Theories, and History of Animation. And then there were some that just did not tickle my fancy. I'm sure they're good classes for someone, but I'm not that someone. All in all, I'm quite excited to have the opportunity to take the classes that I'm taking. I thought about it earlier and I realized that I wasn't just taking college classes. These were actual film classes and this was actually like being in film school.

It was a pretty awesome realization and I realized it yesterday during Camera Works. This was also when I realized that I never actually learned the ins and outs of how a camera runs...lucky for me, one of the kids in my program, Dave, brought along a "textbook" that it explains it pretty well. It's starting to make more sense now. But, other than that minor snag, I love my classes. I actually feel like a film student.

Alright. So, in addition to the other classes I'm taking, I think I'm going to take History of Animation, Acting Theories and I'm up in the air about deciding between these three...History and Culture in the Czech Lands, Script Analysis, and Introduction to Soundtrack. I may just take two of the three for credit and take one as an audit. I don't know though. Any opinions are welcome.

I feel like this post was kind of rambling and didn't really have a clear direction. This is probably because I'm so excited about leaving tomorrow morning. Yay! This does mean, though, that I will not have a computer until Monday at some point. I'll get back to everyone on Monday. For now...I'm gonna call it quits on this post. Stay tuned, more excitement to follow!

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