20 November, 2009

What Tomorrow Holds!

As promised, here are the picture Shayna took of Tuesday/Wednesday night!

They are the streets of Prague on 17th November, Steph and I in the middle of the street, the candle memorial, Dave lighting the last scene we did for the night, me with the clapboard and the aftermath of the scene. Thanks Shayna for taking these!

While I'm very excited to show you these pictures, I'm holding my breath as I prepare for shooting tomorrow. Everything has led up to this point in time. We've prepared and worked on everything we could possibly think of. We've tried to anticipate every problem that could possibly present itself. And tomorrow, we (Kris and I) will see just how well our hard work has paid off.

Keep looking! I'll probably update everyday that we shoot so that you get the play by play! Until then, čau!

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