16 February, 2010

A Day of Particular Interest

Today was just one of those days that just makes me smile. I didn't think it would be, but it definitely did. It started just like any other Tuesday morning. I wrestled with myself about getting out of bed, went to the gym, and then planned on meeting Emam, my language buddy around 12:30pm for our first exchange of languages. Then it would be off to Customs and Manners class, followed by a quick trip to the AUC bookstore and then finally home to work on the Colloquial homework and Intro to Egyptology reading I have to do for classes tomorrow. 

Well, this was the plan at least. And I got about as far as go to the gym. Not long after I returned, Emam sent me a text message saying that today was "flagday" at Elorwan Secondary School and she asked if I wanted to go with her instead of meeting at the AMIDEAST building. So, I said "sure!", I jumped in the shower quickly and met her at the Dokki metro station at noon, where we then walked to the school. 

When we arrived, there were students everywhere doing what looked to me like American team building exercises. They were blindfolding people and having them walk through a rope maze while someone else gave them directions. And then the did something like the three-legged race...only there were five of them tied together...so I guess it's more like the six-legged race. Anyway, the team that won hopped the entire way and it was pretty amusing. I'm so sad I didn't take any pictures.

I got to meet some of her friends who were helping out with the event, although I can't seem to remember any of their names (I'm so bad about that...) and I watched part of Kung Fu Panda with them, while of course eating the snacks that they kept handing me and telling me to eat...Yum, Egyptian snacks... 

Sadly, I didn't get to finish watching the movie as I had to leave for class, but Emam did walk me back to AMIDEAST and we had a really nice talk on the way. She's so very nice and interesting and I'm very glad that she is my language buddy. We may be in two very different areas of study, but she is so curious about American culture and me that I think everything will work out. We've also decided to try and see Avatar on Saturday after cooking class. So, in'shallah we will.   

The work and fun stuff to do seems to just be beginning. Yesterday, we took a trip to the US embassy and it was kind of nice just to see the flag and hear about what the embassy can do for us. And tomorrow, in place of Intro to Egyptology, we, as in Will, possibly Ryan and I, are going to hear the Dr. Zahi Hawass press conference about the King Tut DNA. It should be very exciting. We also have a dialogue discussion with the Egyptian students. But, the thing I'm waiting for the most is Friday. We have a trip to Saqqara and Memphis. I finally get to see all the tombs we keep discussing in class. And it will be really neat as Dr. Randa, Dr. Nicole and Dr. Magda are going to be giving lectures on everything, so I will then know exactly what things are. 

I can't wait for the upcoming weeks. There is so much to do and things to see and I'm really enjoying my Egyptology classes. I think I made a good choice in coming to Egypt. It's just taken a while for that to sink in. 

More coming soon! Don't touch that mouse!

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