06 February, 2010

Reflections of a Newly 21 Year Old

Yesterday was my 21st birthday as I mentioned before. And for once in my life, I felt the need to celebrate it...even if it was with people I had just met. Normally, I don't really feel the need to celebrate because I look at it as just another day out of the year. But, yesterday I became extremely homesick and needed to do something. It's probably due to the fact that I just turned 21 and I wasn't with any of my friends or family...especially because I'm fine now. 

So, I first decided to make a cake. I didn't want anyone else to make one for me, I wanted to make one myself. I would have a picture of it, but sadly I forgot to take a picture of it before it was devoured by my fellow study abroad kids. And that's the first thing I did on my birthday. I got up, and made a cake. I thought for a small moment that the cake wasn't going to happen as I couldn't figure out how to light the oven. But, with the help of one of my flatmates, Garrett, we managed to light the oven and I baked the cake. 

Everything went pretty well on the baking front, except that I didn't let it cool enough before I tried to remove it from the pan and so it fell apart. But, I fixed it with lots of chocolate icing...and it really didn't matter anyway as it was gone within literally 3 minutes. 

So, while I was letting the cake cool, I went with Ann, Haley, Lindley and Rebecca (yes, there is another one) to the AUC bookstore to try and find the correct Arabic book for class on Monday. Well, they had it when I was in there on Wednesday, but I didn't think it was the right book so I didn't buy it...anyway, turns out it was and when we got there they were out....guess we'll have to try again next time? 

After that uneventful endeavor, we attempted to find a stationary store to get some notebooks, which pretty much led to us being followed by a few 12 year old hooligans, who I had to restrain myself from punching them and us nearly being taken into another perfume shop. 

We returned home unsuccessful, but had decided (or I had anyway) that I wanted to go out for sushi at Safir Hotel. So, when we were all sitting down at dinner (I was only expecting it to be the girls, as I didn't invite the boys for dinner, only cake), Garrett and Haley come wandering in late with Tyler and Mustafa (Moose, for short) in toe carrying a basket of flowers for me. It made the night really special. After we had ordered, we received word that Will and Sean were also joining us, so everyone was pretty much there to celebrate.

The pictures above are the flowers I was given, and everyone at the table for dinner. 

I was going to treat myself to dinner, which consisted of an avocado roll, Thai green curry chicken and a Stella, which is an Egyptian brewed beer, and as I was going to pay my check it was taken from me and everyone pitched in for my meal as my birthday gift. It was so sweet.
This is Stella which was served in a glass. 

After dinner, we all retreated to my apartment for cake, which as I said above it didn't last more than a few minutes. We all then hung around the apartment for a while before heading over to Tyler and Moose's apartment to hang out. 

And that pretty much wraps up my birthday. It was great and while I didn't get super drunk, I did have a beer. And while I didn't get to spend it at home with my friends and family, I did get to spend it with some amazing people here in Cairo. 
There it is! My birthday. I'm excited to come home and party with everyone when I get back, but for now I'm ok.

Also, on a complete side note, today I went to the gym and then started on the intense amount of homework I have to do...which I should be getting back to. So, stay tuned for more updates!


  1. Glad you had a good birthday, sweetie!

  2. Stella? No bring out the pilsner bface!

  3. Wish I could Shayna. But this is pretty much all they had. Nothing like the good Czech beers we had. So sad. :-(