19 October, 2009

The Most Amazing Movie...That We Never Saw...and Lighting Things Up!

So, while I'm still semi-conscious, I figured I should probably recount the last of my weekend and the events that have led me to this point in time...

I said that the weekend wasn't over on Friday and I was right....more excitement took place on Saturday.

Saturday morning came around a lot quicker than I wanted it to. More sleep would have been nice, but you do what you have to do. Kris and I met around 10am to work on our storyboard before our meeting with Pavel Marek.

The meeting itself went pretty well. Kris and I are in very good shape with our movie. We have a solid story, a location and a possible actor as well as the start of a storyboard. I'm quite excited that things are going so well. Of course, I know there will be a snag. There is always a snag...but, for now I'm not going to think about it and I'm going to say that everything is running very smoothly.

After the meeting, Kris and I went back to our apartments and then eventually made our way to "This and That". A store near the CET center that was rumored on the expats website to have a very good selection of fall decorations. Well...they do. But, only if you have a house...they don't have much for an apartment. It was a very neat store though.

On the way back to the apartments, we stopped so that Kris could get burcak as this last weekend was the last weekend of the season for it. Once back I made dinner of mango rice with chicken and sweet & sour sauce. It was pretty good. While I was cooking, Liza, Drew, Tarek, Dave and Marek wandered over and we watched Twelve Monkeys while I ate dinner. They eventually all left to go make their own dinner and I got ready to go to the movies with Kris to see The Surrogates.

Going to the movies was quite an adventure, let me tell you. The directions seemed simple enough. Take tram 7 to Anděl and then tram 9 to Krematorium Motol. Well, we followed the directions and took the 7. Once arrived, however, we could not find the 9. After a few moments of looking, we spotted it coming around the corner in the direction that we needed. So, in true action movie style, we darted after the tram and just made it as the doors closed. Everything seemed to be going well...until we ended up in the middle of the highway. We walked down the road a little, trying to find the mall...and eventually we came across what looked like the "concrete jungle". It was then we realized that Google maps had lied to Kris and we were actually nowhere near a mall. So, we got back on the tram and headed back to Anděl. I knew there was a movie theater in the area, so we attempted to find it.

My lovely sense of direction led us in a big circle with finding the theater, but we did eventually find it...along with the other theater we were looking for. Turns out, if we hadn't been in such a hurry to catch the 9, perhaps we would have realized where the theater was. (This movie has become a trip for this upcoming weekend...here's hoping we make it.) By this point, there was no point in seeing the movie, so Kris and I opted for desert and drinks at a nearby cafe. I myself got a Brandy Alexander (that one is for you Manya) and it was delicious. Kris got a B52, which they lit on fire. There was also chocolate cake and crepes involved.

Sunday was a day of laziness. We had plans to go to Kutna Hora, but they fell through as everyone was so tired from Saturday. I did productive things though...like updating my online portfolio and cleaning my computer.

Monday and Tuesday were fairly normal. But today started our three day lighting exercise with Michael Gahut. While I'm learning a lot, it has been an exhausting day. I have learned about how to use the light meter. How to properly direct when in a studio and on location. How to make a slate. And the ins and outs that I never really thought about. Oh and of course, I'm learning how to light just about any scenario you could possibly ever want to light. Today's lesson dealt with portraits and early morning bedroom scenes.

After 8.5 hours of lighting today, we also had script analysis and then a meeting with Pavel Marek about our scripts...totaling about 12 hours of class with not a whole lot of break. But, that's ok. That's how I expected this program to be and so, I shouldn't be complaining.

But, now that I have physically exhausted every inch of my being. I'm going to say goodnight and curl up in my bed and sleep until the morning...when I get to do it all again.

So, goodnight all! More excitement ensues in the next few days...I'm sure of it!


  1. I have been making a Flash "game" that teaches you how to mix drinks, so I just recently looked up a Brandy Alexander, and it sounds so delicious. <3

    Surrogates looked kinda dumb, so you should tell me if it actually is or not when you see it!

    12 hour class days are ROUGH, I had one last semester, but never again. Can't wait to see your movie. :3

  2. The Brandy Alexander was soooooo gooooood!!!! I'll let you know about Surrogates once I get around to seeing it.

    And yes, 12 hour classes are really rough. Luckily today's class and tomorrow's class aren't as bad...nor as long. Though we are in class from 9am to around 5pm...so 8 hours...give or take...

  3. Twelve Monkeys! Hooray!

    Glad to hear your movie is taking form!