03 October, 2009

Where Does the Time Go?

I can't believe it. One month ago today, I had just arrived at my apartment in Prague and I had no idea of how my time in Prague was going to be spent. I was a bit nervous and a tad bit homesick, but still very excited. I don't believe that I've been here for an entire month. I've loved every minute of being here...well maybe not every minute, but just about. It has been a really wonderful experience thus far.

So, what have I been up to since I got back from Budapest. Well, classes took off this week and I didn't even realize
how fast the week went by. Kris is my partner for the movie that we are shooting in November and we have finally come up with a really adorable idea about young love, which is something that I would normally not do. (For those who don't know, I usually write and make films within the horror/thriller/supernatural genre...) We went location scouting on Thursday when all of our classes pretty much were canceled/moved until Friday and we think we have figured out a pretty good spot to shoot. We're still looking, but I think we're not doing bad at all.

Last night (Friday), after all of our classes were finished, Kris and I went and bought some wine, cheese, bread and deserts for our
get-together with Lisa and Rebecca (friends we have made from the other CET programs). It was a whole lot of fun. Just hanging out in the apartment and then we went out for pizza. It was a really relaxing Friday and I couldn't have enjoyed myself more.

This morning we had an off the beaten path tour with David from CET. He is definitely crazy...but I did get to see a whole lot of places that I never would have seen if it had not been for this tour. We started by crossing a train bridge and seeing a few trains pass us as we walked along the bridge was pretty awesome. (Too bad I wasn't quick enough to take a video or picture as the train passed.)(The picture on the right though is of the Prague castle taken through the train bridge.) We stopped to look at a brewery town across the bridge and then made our way to a more residential mall area where we got to see a synagogue...though I can't remember if David said that the synagogue was still in use or not.

After a small break for coffee, we continued our trip to the "concrete jungle" which was a bunch of flats that had been constructed in a village during the time of communism. It was a bit disturbing to be truthfully honest to look at. Everything looked identical with the exception of a few places that were being painted a few different colors. The right displays all of the flats in the village made by the communists.

We then took the metro to another part of the city and eventually made our way to see the TV tower.
Something that I have been looking forward to seeing since I got to Prague. It was really cool. Except for the fact that it had been built on top of a Jewish cemetery and you could see that a good chunk of graves had been moved. I should also point out that David Cerny has also placed babies crawling up the TV tower. He's such an odd artist, but I think he's become one of my favorites. The pictures are of the TV tower.

Once we left the TV tower, we got lunch at a pub around the corner where I had some pretty good goulash and tea.

That was pretty much the end of the tour and Kris and I decided that we wanted the cinnamon-sugar roasted almonds that we had found on Friday in Old Town Square (it is after all the cheese and spice festival until the 16th) because they were delicious! So, we wandered into Old Town Square through all of the tourists to find those delicious almonds! So worth it!

And now as I write this entry, I think I'm going to go and hang out with the others tonight when they go to Club Cross. I don't know how long I'll stay, but I feel like being social tonight. So, that's it! I'm going to finish getting ready and I'll update more as the month goes by. Don't move! More to come from Prague!

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